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Curriculum Vitae Prof. Jens Michow

Jens Michow is the founder and senior partner of the Hamburg media law firm ‘Michow & Partners Rechtsanwälte’. Michow is the President and CEO of the Bundesverband der Veranstaltungswirtschaft (bdv) eV (German Association of the Promotions Industry) since 1985. The professional trade association represents the commercial interests of over 325 companies in the German concert and event industry and thus represents a total turnover of around 3.9 billion euros. In addition, Michow is owner of the sponsoring agency ‘Sponsor Solutions’.

Michow began his professional career in the seventies, first as a concert agent and artist manager, later as a tour organizer and owner of one of the first German independent labels (Antagon Music Company) . He is founder of ‚Michow Concerts & Management GmbH’, one of Germany's most recognized concert agencies in the Pop/Rock division. In 1992 Michow set himself up as a lawyer in Hamburg, which today is his main activity.

In his capacity as president and CEO of the Association of the Promotions Industry, Michow is a member of the Advisory Board of the Artist’s Social Welfare Fund since 1997, of the round table “Reinforcement of the Social Security for Artists” convoked by the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security , member of the tax committee of the German Cultural Council and the supervisory board of the ‚Initiative Musik’, a funding agency set up by the German federal government to promote the music industry in Germany. In addition Michow is executive director of the LEA - Live Entertainment Award Committee e.V. and the LEA-Live Entertainment Award VeranstaltungsGmbH and as such the Executive Producer of the LEA -Event, taking place once a year since 2006.

Michow acted as a federal expert on the reorganization of the skilled occupation Event Manager which is based on an initiative of the 'Bundesverband der Veranstaltungswirtschaft’ (German Association of the Promotions Industry) presided by Michow from 2000 to 2002. As Vice President of the German Music Council he contributed significantly to the creation of fundamentally new legal structures of the largest German cultural organization between 2003 and August 2004. As an expert of the live entertainment industry Michow is regularly invited to hearings by commissions of the Bundestag.

In regular seminar series, including those of the seminar provider, Michow has been giving lectures for many years on topics related to the contract law, fiscal law and tax law for the event industry and is an author of several publications in relation to respective legal issues. From 1990 to 2002 Michow was lecturer of the Cultural Management Course at the University of Music and Drama Hamburg. Since he is 2013 professor in the degree course ‚cultural management’ at the University for Music and Drama in Munich.

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