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About us

The Law Firm

For 30 years, we have been instrumental in shaping the structure of the German music and event industry through our legal expertise and industry experience.

Our work focuses on contract, copyright, competition and trademark law, as well as on industry-specific tax and artists’ social security law in the live entertainment, event and music industry.

We know the special challenges that arise in practice thanks to our own practical experience. This makes it much easier to assess legal issues.

Our profound knowledge of economic conditions is an asset in both the national and international event and music industry as is our knowledge of professions and companies and the challenges they face.

Prominent Mandates

Clarification of the scope of artists' agents’ and tour promoters’ social security contribution obligation
Test cases on the demarcation of permitted use and plagiarism of musical rights
Test cases on injunctive relief for event organizers against vendors in the secondary ticket market
Arbitration and legal proceedings against GEMA on the appropriateness of event organizer tariffs
Defence against claims by GEMA for the performance of ‘GEMA-free’ music
Defence against the accusation of prohibited use of copyrights and infringement of personal rights during musical performances
Injunctive relief and damages proceedings for violation of personality rights due to false reporting about a prominent artist
Enforcement of injunctive relief and claims for damages due to unauthorized adaptation and distribution of the musical work 'Hamburg meine Perle'
Injunctive relief proceedings for the unlawful registration and use of the ‘Boney M’ trademark
Proceedings on the payment debtor’s liability for the domestic tax liability of artists and organizers with limited tax liability;

Focal Points

Media law is not an independent area of law but a cross-sectional issue with legal foundations in a large number of statutes as well as the relevant case law.